The Global Control 2.0 is the newest edition to Messer’s Global Control family. With it, the operation of the MetalMaster 2.0 is easy to use.  The operator interface is very clearly laid out with easy to understand symbols, photos, graphics with a Microsoft tree structure.

Conversion or retrofits cover the latest technology based on current standards. Replace against modern computer numerical controls or torch suspension with automatic height control with new process-oriented methods of sensing. Typical components for retrofits are the new generation of power sources for the plasma process or high-performance flame cutting torches.

Often it is enough, just to increase the number of torches on the machine thus increasing productivity proportionately. Additional marking processing with powder, plasma or ink simplify the use of the cut parts in subsequent production operations.

This maximizes your productivity by bringing you the latest up-to-date machine features. We minimize downtime by taking care of as many parts of the retrofit as possible before Service arrives at your location. Conversion and retrofitting gives a new lease of live to cutting systems.


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Global Control 2.0

Key Features:

  • Modern operating interface based on technology.
  • Modern bus system for flexibility and reliability.
  • Fully network and internet compatible; for remote polling and remote diagnosis.
  • Central CNC computer with integrated PLC for shorter reaction times.
  • The clearly arranged status display for shows current process.
  • Provides support for input formats DIN/EIA.
  • Dynamic, automatic speed control provides best cutting results.
  • Innovative operator support facilitates fast familiarization and avoids operator errors.
  • Nesting, consumable selection and photos, including 3-level database for cutting processes.