Do you want to increase your production? The LaserMat® II is the specialist for precise CO2 laser processing in XXL format. The premium CO2 laser system can process large format areas of 20 m x 4,5 m all that automated in one operation! As well as perfect simple vertical cuts, bevel cuts are also possible and various marking options are available.

  • Newest CO2 laser technology.
  • Best cut surfaces for up to 20 mm thick stainless steel, and 25 mm thick mild steel.
  • Beam path length compensation.
  • Consistently high cut quality over the entire operating area.
  • Ultra-short hole piercing and optimization of smallest contour.
  • On-board CO2 resonator.
  • Unrestricted working lengths of over 50 m.
  • Working widths up to 4,5m.
  • Infinitely rotating bevel heads with continuous angle adjustment: Continuous bevels from -45° to + 50°.
  • Maximum dynamics.


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LaserMat II


CO2 Laser Cutting

The Laser cutting provides you many advantages: High accuracy and low heat influence. • Flexible usage • Easy handling • Best cutting quality over the whole range of applications


Bevel Laser Cutting

Bevel cutting in principle is a process that shows high know-how and requires sophisticated control. To top even this, the LaserMat®II from Messer Cutting Systems offers bevel cutting in stainless steel that fulfills highest requirements.


Ink Jet

Ink-jet marking delivers fast and quiet alphanumeric labeling with printing in one direction of travel for non-rotational unit or multi-directional with rotating unit.


Telesis Pinstamp

The Telesis® Pinstamp® marking system uses a reciprocating stylus permanently prints messages on to a variety of plate such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


The slagger


The Slagger® cutting table is like no other in its ability to move slag. Whether produced from oxyfuel or plasma cutting, slag moves from one side of the table and deposits the slag into a collection bucket at the end of the table in just minutes.


burn table

Slagger Plus

The downdraft cutting table is like no other cutting table anywhere. The downdraft is specially designed to work with smaller machines and has a maximum plate capacity of 3" thick plate.


Global Control Plus

Easy-to-use, feature rich, Windows® interface. The Global Control Plus has a 24” touch screen with multiple process databases. A few of the key features include custom shape library, true shape nesting and productivity monitoring. Remote diagnostics and applications support are available with a push of a button. Easy to use functions allow operators to become experts in minutes.


Messer Cutting | Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

Donaldson Torit

Donaldson provides filtration systems and replacement parts. Since 1915, Donaldson has developed its innovative technology, built strong customer relationships, and developed a broad geographic presence. Today they offer some of the highest quality dust collectors on the market.


Messer Cutting | Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

Camfill APC

Camfil APC is one of the top dust collector manufacturers worldwide with over 50 years of experience. Their dust collectors are specially engineered and designed with cutting machines in mind.



The LaserMat® II excels in high positioning speeds and accuracy because of its rigid construction and linear guides. It also makes it possible to process plates 3m x 12m – and that in one operation.

With working widths of over 4 m and working lengths up to more than 50 m, the system is predestined for large format plates. The CNC controlled laser processing system offers high part accuracy due to linear guides for longitudinal and transverse motion. The laser beam is guided in the transverse direction via moving mirrors with 100% beam path length compensation and thus ensures a consistently high processing quality. The colour camera which is directed at the cutting head makes possible easy observation on the screen alongside the operating panel.

In contrast to a fibre laser system, with a CO2 laser a full enclosure is not necessary. The on-board laser beam protection hood guarantees laser safety class 1 and thus makes access for loading and unloading possible even during the cutting Operation.

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