Cutting Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

From offshore drilling rigs and pipelines to refineries and storage tanks, precision cutting machines are essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and accuracy in all stages of production within the oil and gas industry.

Messer Cutting Systems provides innovative solutions to help you fulfill all your cutting needs and produce components that meet industry standards safely and efficiently while improving your production processes and expanding output potential so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Messer Machines for the Oil and Gas Industries

Our machines are designed for high performance and versatility, suitable for the precision and efficiency required of the oil and gas industries. For applications in the oil and gas industry, we recommend these heavy-duty cutting machines:

A transparent image of an MPC2000 MC cutting machine from Messer

MPC2000 MC

This powerhouse is highly flexible, with options to equip multiple carriages for up to five distinct processes, including drilling, milling, bevel cutting, and more. The MPC2000 MC is well-suited for manufacturing heavy equipment used in mining applications within the oil and gas industry.

TMC4500 DB

Built for optimal performance in demanding work environments, the TMC4500 DB features multiple plasma and Oxyfuel cutting torches for maximum flexibility and output. Like the MPC2000 MC, this heavy-duty cutting machine can aid in manufacturing the equipment used for mining raw materials like coal.

Element 400L Unitized

With high-speed, high-precision cutting capabilities, the Element 400L Unitized cutting machine maximizes efficiency with the latest technology. You can use this machine for a range of applications, including laser bevel cutting, which is perfect for beveling pipe and tube for the oil industry.

The Metal Master Xcel machine from Messer Cutting Systems, used in oil and gas production processes.

Metal Master Xcel

Built for fast, repeatable performance, the Metal Master Xcel provides highly accurate cuts and reduces downtime to maximize productivity. Like the FiberBlade V, the Metal Master Xcel can be used for plasma bevel cutting as well as other applications, perfect for material handling applications with included shuttle tables.

Supplying the Machines You Need to Manufacture Strong, Durable Equipment and Parts for the Oil & Gas Industry

At Messer Cutting Systems, we offer the machines and expertise you need to efficiently produce high-quality parts. Our machines are designed for ease of use with maintenance packages to extend their life-span and help you get the most out of your investment.

We provide cutting solutions for fabrication builders for the oil and gas industry, including:


Tankers are essential for the oil and gas industry, used to transport large amounts of fuel in a secure, stable vessel like trucks. Manufacturing these tankers requires heavy-duty equipment that is safe, efficient, and precise to ensure that the end products are of high quality. To build tankers requires accurate bevel cuts for bending and welding stainless steel sheet plate and beveled pipe for and tanker heads. 


Oil Platforms & Refineries

Fuel extraction, refining, and storage require secure steel structures. Messer Cutting Systems provides machines that are suitable for cutting and beveling thick plate to manufacture the components of these heavy-duty structures with accuracy and precision, ensuring their durability and stability for generations of use.

An oil platform on the ocean.


Oil pipelines are essential for transporting crude oil from its source to a refinery for processing. Messer provides the equipment you need to fabricate these large-scale, complex pipelines safely and efficiently. We offer bevel pipe cutters as well as plasma and laser bevel cutting machines for this industry.



A close-up of a pipeline connecting to a crude oil refinery.

Challenges in Machining Parts for Oil and Gas Applications

Extracting, transporting, refining, and storing oil and gas require the precise fabrication of strong, durable parts. Ineffectively or improperly manufactured tanks, pipelines, and other components can lead to hazardous scenarios, resulting from temperature changes, pressure fluctuations, or corrosion.

When working in the oil and gas industry, you need components that are durable and resistant to wear and corrosion, fabricated from sturdy metals like stainless steel that can withstand the demands of the industry.

Messer Cutting Systems provides cutting machines designed for high performance and versatility suitable for the accuracy required in oil and gas cutting applications.

How Messer’s Material Handling Solutions Can improve the Performance of Your Oil & Gas Applications

Automating your production process with Messer cutting machines and material handling solutions can help you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize long-term cost savings while producing components of superior quality.

Whether you are cutting large tanks, refining parts, or fabricating pipelines, Messer machines provide the accuracy, speed, and precision necessary for achieving consistent results every time.

When you integrate Messer machines and material handling solutions into your facility, you’ll benefit from:

  • The latest technologic and software advancements
  • Analytic data for forecasting and increasing output
  • High-precision performance with repeatable results
  • Increased shop floor efficiency
  • Enhanced labor management or reduction
  • Pre-production, quoting, and production planning improvements
  • Improved scrap, environmental, and inventory management
  • Efficiency with moving sheet and cut part material throughout the factory floor

Achieve Optimal Performance of Parts for the Oil & Gas Industry With Messer Machines

Using the right tools for fabricating components in the oil and gas industry is essential for creating the durable, reliable parts that you need for extracting, transporting, and refining fuel. 

Messer Cutting Systems are designed to help you achieve the accuracy and efficiency necessary for creating parts that will help you excel with customers in the oil and gas industry.

With our cutting machines, processes, and other solutions for the oil and gas industry you can fabricate components that will stand up to the demands of the industry so that you remain competitive.




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