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A strong service department is the key to customer retention. While a good sales team will sell the first widget, repeat sales are almost always a result of the level of service provided by an organization. At Messer Cutting System, this is not only the opinion, but a core value driven home to each employee. Customer expectations are continuously growing as […]

Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. (Menomonee Falls, WI) – With the advent of increasing laser power sources, the future is very “bright” for the metal fabrication world. The direct correlation between increased power and the laser cutting process in thick mild steel plate is the end user is going to be able to change from using oxygen assist gas to gases […]

January 4, 2023


Ohlsdorf, Austria MultiTherm® replaces existing machines. When metalworking companies work much more productively with a few new machines than with several old ones, it is always something special. Jacquet Metallservice GmbH in Ohlsdorf, for example, is delighted about a new level of productivity with the MultiTherm® from Messer Cutting Systems. Getting […]

December 13, 2022

Messner takes off

Ragnitz, Austria New start succeeds despite the pandemic  In 2020, right in the middle of the Corona Pandemic, Michael Messner, an Austrian entrepreneur, and creative metalworker, dared to start over by founding MTM MetallTechnik Messner in Ragnitz near Graz. He was rewarded for his courage and innovative ideas. He attributes part of his success story […]

Automation, loT 4.0, and flexible solutions are critical components to your business’s future success. Today’s demanding market requires customers to have the latest technology and tools necessary to complete the job in a timely and cost- effective manner.Growth opportunities for agile fabricators remain strong, though increasing customer expectations, […]

November 4, 2022

Finding Flexibility

Customized configuration options and requirements enable manufacturers to respond to current and future requirements. September 2022  Fabricators must be adept at handling a variety of challenges. On a macro level, there are tariffs, trade wars and dramatic fluctuations in commodity pricing. Day to day, they face ever more precise requirements from […]

Messer Cutting Systems, a global provider of technology for the metalworking industry, has recently presented itself with a new slogan, “Creating Solutions Beyond Machines”. But what is behind it? Bill Heller, Global Product Manager, explains it in an interview as well as why this is not only a slogan but important for the whole industry. Bill, for over 120 […]

For fabricators looking to produce a K-bevel or more complex bevels, a triple oxyfuel torch that can program its own angles on the fly might be a good option. With this, the operator doesn’t need to stop the machine and change its angles. It’ll do it itself. Prep and practice help fabricators get the most out of oxyfuel bevel cutting. When processing thick […]

On February 1, 2022, Messer Cutting Systems, Global through an affiliate company acquired the US-American manufacturer of products in the oxyfuel sector, Flame Technologies, Inc. (Flame Tech), located in Austin, Texas.  With Flame Tech, Messer Cutting Systems strengthens its position as an international solution provider of oxyfuel, steel mill, and […]

April 4, 2022

A Digital Journey

A DIGITAL JOURNEY Service center adopts Industry 4.0, sets new standards for a new age. Joop van Zanten, a 108,000-square-foot service center in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, services such end-user markets as marine, energy, heavy equipment, construction, and transportation. Services include plasma burning, welding, bending, and machining. “When I joined […]

Workers at Three plants in state welding, churning out materials to repair span Workers at W&W/AFCO Steel in Little Rock wrapped up welding work Tuesday on three more metal plates that were expected to be loaded onto a flat-bed trailer this morning to be hauled up Interstate 40 for use in the final repairs of the Hernando de Soto Bridge. Even as those […]

Though an old technology, oxyfuel tables with the right automation hold their own against competing methods, given the right application By Dave Binger Oxyfuel cutting is a long-established method dating back to the late 1800s. With the advent of plasma and laser cutting technologies for thinner plate and sheet metal, oxyfuel can seem like an outdated, […]

October 19, 2020

Beyond Machines

Matt Rhoades, product manager for technology and processes at Messer Cutting Systems, discusses how to start down the path of digitization and its benefits Q: What does digitization mean to the CNC shape cutting and fabrication industry? A: As a provider of CNC cutting machines and software solutions, our mission has transformed from simply providing […]

Digitalization offers new selling points to customers. As we travel through the information age, the systematic digitization of production and its underlying processes are increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for steel service centers and fabricators. As a provider of CNC cutting machines and software solutions, our mission has transformed from […]

Menomonee Falls, WI – In the metal cutting industry, fabricators have long struggled with producing high-quality aluminum parts for a reasonable price. While CNC plasma machines have consistently been the go-to technology for generating carbon and stainless steel parts, the technology could not produce the same quality with aluminum. The industry was left […]

Menomonee Falls, Wi. – When companies invest in an automated plasma cutting machine, they expect to get a true cost-per-part savings. Yet the biggest qualifier is time, meaning the actual time it takes t.o produce the part or part nesting. How long it takes plays a significant role in cost per part. When companies invest in an automated plasma cutting […]

Image Right: President of Winnebago Manufacturing, Daryle Pomranke (left) with his wife Connie. To the right, Travis (front) and Matt Pomranke look forward to increased productivity, and efficiency, as they proudly display the company’s new torch system. Blue Earth, MN. – Winnebago Manufacturing upgrades with new welding equipment and just received a new […]

Picture: Dave Binger from Messer Cutting Systems, North America Menomonee Falls, WI – As machines evolve, giving customers proper support is crucial to building long-term relationships, says Dave Binger, applications manager, Messer Cutting Systems Inc. Read the whole interview With FFJournal. Q: Please define applications support. Dave Binger: At […]

Wilmington, DE. – Peggy Del Fabbro, CEO of M. Davis & Sons, announced that it has acquired a Messer Cutting Systems Evolution® Plasma Cutting Table. The revolutionary new equipment enables M. Davis and Sons fabrication specialists to produce an enhanced level of smooth edge quality, precision hole cutting, and it keeps the surrounding work area smoke […]

Fiber Laser/Plasma Combination machine Menomonee Falls, Wis. – Utilizing a combination machine can dramatically increase cutting productivity. Customers are increasing their demands for precision cutting and faster delivery. The technology of laser cutting has filled in the gap for those customers requiring tighter part tolerances and improved delivery […]

Photos: The Hessen delegation views a plasma bevel cutting demonstration on Messer’s’ Titan III cutting machine and visits our muesum. Menomonee Falls, USA. A delegation from Hessen, Germany visited Messer Cutting Systems, North America’s premier manufacturer of CNC thermal cutting machines.  The visit also included an overview and tour of […]

The MetalMaster Xcel helped LBT to minimize downtime and enhance LBT’s ability to respond to inventory issues as they arise. Action and reaction are two sides of the same coin. A manufacturer has to act to obtain new business and then has to react when those new orders come in.  For LBT Inc., the builder of trailers and mobile and stationary tanks, […]

April 4, 2022

Premium Precision

Truck trailer manufacturer satisfies the need for speed and accuracy with CNC controlled plasma technology May 2016 – Net orders for truck trailers in the United States rose 3.5 percent in March, compared with the same month in 2015, according to consultant ACT Research Co., Columbus, Indiana. “Large fleets continue to drive the market, and low […]

Ancorage, Alaska, USA. – Anchorage steel processor Steelfab has just finished assembling a new computer-controlled steel processing machine, the only one of its kind in the state. The Messer  MPC2000 can cut steel plate up to three inches thick and can handle pieces up to 17 feet wide and 55 feet long. It is capable of doing work that before had to be […]

Left: when it comes to cutting parts, manufacturers need cut quality, smooth surface edges and speed. Above: Steel truck components mus be cut with precision plasma or oxyfuel cutting machines. Photo courtesy of Vac-Con. How Messer Cutting Systems helps fabricators navigate the digital highway with technology and Automation. It’s estimated that Industry […]

Photo Above: Messer formally C.R.O.’s first machine the Profimill. Photo Above: Sixty years later in contrast TMC4500 Dual Beam, is the biggest and most powerful heavy-duty work-horse in Messer’s machine line. Menomonee Falls, WI – Messer Cutting Systems celebrates 60th Anniversary and 60 years of precision cutting technology in North America. In the US, […]

Menomonee Falls, Wis. – Messer Cutting Systems is one of the leading makers of cutting systems in the US. Service center executives reveal their favorite makes of metal processing equipment in an informal brand survey by Metal Center News. The goal was to determine which brands they would recommend to others planning a capital investment. Readers were […]

Photo Left: Holtech Manufacturing’s primary cutting table is equipped with dual plasma cutting heads, one which also has oxyfuel torch. New plasma cutting tables speed fabrication of heavy steel into mission-critical capial equipment. February 2014 – Located just east of Pittsburgh in Turtle Creek, Pa., Holtec Manufacturing Division operates one of the […]

Photo Left: Jean-Marc Valade (left), president, and Pierre Levesque, IT manager, of Carriere Industrial Supply, Lively Ont., stand by the recently commissioned 118-ft.long Messer combination table with 12-ft.-wide cutting bed. Grab a torch. Cut the new bucket into cage-sized sections. Transport them underground, piece by piece. Weld them back together. Take […]

ATTACHED PHOTO CAPTION: (left) Bill Heller, new president and CEO of Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. and retiring president and CEO (right) Gary Norville. Titan iii cutting machine featured in background. Menomonee Falls, WI, USA. – Effective September 1, 2014, Bill Heller will be the new President and CEO of Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. Gary Norville started […]

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. – September 2014, Bill Heller will be appointed President and CEO of Messer Cutting System, Inc. He will be replacing Gary Norville acting President and CEO who will be retiring in August, 2014. Gary Norville has spent 32 years at Messer Cutting Systems, starting as a sales representative for the Midwest region. Norville has worn […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. – Messer Cutting Systems Ranks 2# for Top Ten Service Centers Equipment Brands from Metal Center News. Service center executives reveal their favorite makes of metal processing equipment in this informal brand survey by Metal Center News. The top three vote-getters in the category “Cutting” were  Hypertherm, Messer Cutting […]

Palmetto, USA. – See a Messer Cutting Systems Machine in action.

The video also shows comments from Gov. Rick Scott, Florida Secretary of Commerce Gray Swoope and John McGlade of Air Products at the opening of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. in Palmetto, FL. Video courtesy of Enterprise […]

Memphis, Tenn. – By embracing non-traditional services, West Memphis Steel is garnering attention from a whole new class of customers. West Memphis Steel began nearly 40 years ago as a typical distributor handling mostly secondary material, but has since evolved into a multi-process service center with first-stage manufacturing capabilities. Its latest […]

Georgetown, USA. – The centerpiece of Xtreme Steel & Profile operation is a Messer precision plasma cutting system. Multiple oxy-fuel torches are available for thicker plate. Steel sheet and plate seems like a commodity business to many fabricators, but in Georgetown, Ontario, north-west of Toronto, Xtreme Steel & Profiles attacks the multiple […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. – Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA presents its new flame cutting machine with a double-bridge design: the TMC4500 DB. Sturdy wheel cases measuring some three meters in length ensure sufficient stability, enabling even the heaviest units to be handled with precision. The advantage of this design is that tools are fitted on both sides. The […]

Menomonee Falls, Wi, U.S.A. – Messer Cutting Systems has announced their “New Product Launch – A Cut Above the Rest” the Delta e plasma rotator. The launch of the Delta e is scheduled for the 2013, Fabtech Show in Chicago, IL, North America’s largest, metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. With over 35,000 attendees and 1500 exhibitors […]

Chicago, USA. – DSI Underground Systems Inc., Abingdon, Va., was most impressed with Messer’s response time and ultimately, the machine’s proven performance cutting its parts. Gazing at the architectural grandeur of the New York City skyline, it is easy to overlook the foundation that keeps this metropolis in motion. The underside of this bustling city […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. – Under the motto “Lose weight and do good” the staff of Messer Cutting Systems, US, once again joined in the battle against cancer. After five months, and having weighed the participants four times, the final results were known: 494 pounds had been shed, raising 500 dollars for the US health organisation American Cancer Society. […]

Fort Worth, USA. – Willbanks Metals expands its plasma cutting business. Family-owned and operated Willbanks Metals Inc., Texas, opened its doors in 1974 with a shear and a press brake, providing fabricating services to customers. In 1978, the company bought its first decoil line and expanded into the steel distribution business. Because of its past […]

April 4, 2022

Maximum precision

Menomonee Falls, USA. – Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA has added the “API Radian Tracker” to its range of alignment tools. This is a laser measuring device that maps 3-D coordinates and delivers real-time information on the precision, parallelism and perpendicularity of the cutting machine. Comparison with the desired value allows precise calibration of […]

Lawrence, USA. – Minerd & Sons, Inc., a full line steel service center, Pa., found it needed to upgrade its plasma cutter. FF Journal, September 2012 ©   By Gretchen Salois When times get tough, people tighten their belts, conserve where they can and try to do without. Unemployment statistics leave the public unsettled and unsure of […]

To streamline workflow, North American Shipbuilding selected a TMC4500ST with plasma beveling capability, a machine that’s built for tough environments like shipyards. David Becker is the panel line coordinator for North American Shipbuilding, Larose, La., part of the Edison Chouest Offshore family of companies, and he knows quite a bit about beveling […]