What Are Dust Collectors’ Relationship to Cutting Machines?

Using a dust collector improves air quality in industrial settings, including manufacturing and machining plants. Cutting machines generate fumes and particles that may pose dangerous health risks to operators and may harm machinery. Dust collectors remove contaminants from the cutting machine and move the air, smoke and particles through the machine and deposit them into a dust collector system.

Most dust collectors include fans, dust filters to clean the air, dust receptacles, spark traps, dust removal containers, vacuums, and controls.

How Do Dust Collectors Work?

Air containing dust or other contaminants, or “dirty air”, enters the dust collector. Fans move the air through the system’s ducts and separate some of the dust into a collection area. The air also passes through the dust collector’s filters, which captures any other dust particles. Clean air is then released back into the environment.

Dust Collector Filters

A filter is one of the most important parts of a dust collector; it is responsible for trapping dust particles. Pulses of air then knock the dust out of the filter and into a collector.

Dust collector filters normally last from several months to a year. At that point, they normally become caked in dust to the point where air can no longer effectively flow through them.

Dust Collection Vendors

Messer Cutting Systems has two dust collector vendors to help our customers protect themselves, their work environments, and others from harmful smoke fumes and dust particles. Our vendor’s web pages will guide you to finding the right dust collector for your new cutting machine.

Messer Cutting | Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

Camfil APC Dust Collectors

Camfil APC is one of the top dust collector manufacturers worldwide with over 50 years of experience. Their dust collectors are specially engineered and designed with cutting machines in mind.

Messer Cutting | Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

Donaldson provides filtration systems and replacement parts. Since 1915, Donaldson has developed its innovative technology, built strong customer relationships, and developed a broad geographic presence. Today they offer some of the highest quality dust collectors on the market.