Increase your productivity and fill your production needs with the flexibility and value not possible with other plate cutting systems. Messer offers the high-speed MetalMaster Xcel machine for material handling. Coupled with Messer shuttle systems provides the greatest flexibility and is the most efficient and safest way to load plate and unload part cut parts. We offer a variety of material handling solutions.  Click on the links below to start your journey.

Intelligent Cutting

Intelligent Cutting can boost your business’s efficiency and productivity, paperless production, easily configurable software solutions.


A material handling system that’s fully automated with loading and unloading of plasma cutting machines.

Full Messer Storage

Fully Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems

Customers using these systems have seen as high as 90+% productivity depending on configuration. Call to find out if this solution is right for your company.

Shuttle and Conveyor from Messer

Shuttle Tables/Enclosures & In-Line Conveyor Cutting Tables

Using these systems can result in 30-40% increase in productivity over traditional cutting systems. Featured above with enclosure. Offered with the MetalMaster Xcel.

Storage Towers and Turntables

Increase your productivity 40 to 60% by add material handling to the next level with storage towers and turntable feeding systems.