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Our customers are experts in their fields of development. They pioneer modern marvels like ships, automotive, and art pieces to influence industries around the world. These marvels are built with extreme precision, technology, and control with the use of multiple machines and systems.

If you want to learn more about how our cutting systems influence the building of these modern marvels, check out our latest infographics.

Infographic List

A Machines Value – Experience the journey of a Messer machine in this step-by-step guide to production.

Shipbuilders – Messer Cutting Systems machines can be found in shipyards worldwide providing precision cutting technology

Automotive Builders – As one of the most impactful industries around the world, Messer Cutting Systems is trusted to supply the most accurate and technological systems to automotive plants

Art – Creating metal artwork has a lifelong impact on society and building Modern Marvels in metal can take on many forms from signs to sculpture. Therefore, with that in mind we ask you to become our muse by cutting plate on Messer machines to make your vision a reality.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Skilled Employees – Examining the need for training future employees in the plasma cutting manufacturing trade


A Machines Value


Automotive Builders


How to Get the Most Out of Your CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Skilled Employees