Cutting Tables

Our cutting tables are the ideal complement for your cutting machine. Equipped with an additional smoke extraction system, they protect the user from the harmful smoke and help to protect the environment.

burn table

Downdraft Table

The downdraft cutting table is like no other cutting table anywhere. The downdraft is specially designed to work with smaller machines and has a maximum plate capacity of 3″ thick plate.

Slat Trays for Burn Tables

Take a look a the various slat types offered with Messer tables. Learn More.

Water Tables

Water burn tables, also called water tables, do not require the use of a dust collector. Water burn tables reduce noise, eliminate dangerous arc light, minimize heat distortion, and keep cut parts cool.

The slagger


The Slagger® cutting table is like no other in its ability to move slag. Whether produced from oxyfuel or plasma cutting, slag moves from one side of the table and deposits the slag into a collection bucket at the end of the table in just minutes.