Plasma cutting is the process by which highly energized molecules can be harnessed to economically cut a variety of alloys in a range of sizes and thickness. This method of manufacturing is often found on factory floors that prepare metal components, such as those made out of aluminum or titanium, but is known for being versatile in potential. Unlike flame cutting, plasma cutting reliably and precisely processes many different materials.

Choosing the Right Plasma Cutter

Requisition Factors

  • If you’re a purchasing agent in the market for a precise, reliable cutting machine, you may be considering plasma technology. Keep the following parameters in mind as you make your decision:
    • Power requirements
    • Amount and thickness of metal
    • Portable vs. stationary units
  • Some units are designed for relocation, so you will want to ensure your vendor offers this feature if it is something your operation needs.
  • The metal’s thickness and how often you will be running the machinery will determine how much power your new plasma cutter will require.
    • This will inform you if your facilities’ current power capabilities are sufficient or will mandate additional updates.


  • Many plasma cutters can handle metals that are around 1-2 inches thick.
  • Some can even handle metals up to 6 inches thick.


  • Ultimately, the cost will be determined by your production and operational requirements based on the three parameters outlined above.
  • The fewer the capabilities required, the lower the purchase cost of the equipment.

Innovative Cutting Solutions

With our partner and vendor, Hypertherm, Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. has been a manufacturer of cutting edge technology for the metalworking industry worldwide.

We have perfected machinery for both straight and bevel plasma cutting to ensure the quality, reliability, and efficiency of your cutting process.

Interested in learning more about how plasma cutting technology works? Watch our short video to familiarize yourself with plasma cutting basics.

If you’re a buyer that would like to learn more about how Messer’s innovative solutions can help you, we invite you to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.