The Bevel-R® is a compact 5-Axis plasma bevel cutting unit with collision protection that has been conceived as an entry device for occasional bevel cutting.

With +/-45° cuts and quasi-infinite rotation, bevel cuts of V, X, or Y on simple contours as well as straight cuts are possible.

  • AC servo drives guarantee high power, precision, and low maintenance.
  • Integrated collision protection function with magnetically positioned torch holder, for quick, simple, and practical torch alignment after a collision
  • Regulation of the Torch height through measurement of arc voltage and an accuracy of +/- .006″ guarantees consistent bevel part cutting accuracy
  • Bevel angle from +45° to -45° with suitable plasma units.
  • Adjustment from 0° to 45° in less than 2 seconds.
  • Establishing the initial stand-off of the torch by nozzle contact eliminates offset movement and reduces cycle times whilst giving increased measuring accuracy.
  • The 10.24″ stroke allows the unit to be combined ideally with other cutting processes on one machine.
  • Available on the MetalMaster Evolution, MetalMaster Xcel, and Element 400 cutting machines.


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