The Bevel-U bevel unit, specially developed for the laser process, enables bevels in the workpiece between +50° or -50°. The bevel angle is continuously adjusted during the laser cutting process. Edge shapes such as I, V, Y, X, and K are possible for a subsequent welding process of the workpieces. The actual cutting angles depend on the material type, thickness, and bevel type such as AS or DS.

With this unique design, precise and repeatable bevel parts can be produced. Consistent quality after nozzle changes is ensured by an automatic test and calibration routine. The design also includes magnetic collision protection for the cutting head and a manual control panel for all drives to perform adjustments directly on the machine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Beveling on the Bevel-U ±50°.
  • Cartridge replacement systems
  • Permanent protective window monitoring.
  • Exchangeable lens cartridge.
  • LED operating status display.
  • Display of operating parameters via Bluetooth®.
  • Collision protection via ceramic insert near the cutting nozzle.


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