The Slagger® cutting table is like no other in its ability to move the slag. Whether produced from plasma, laser or oxyfuel cutting, it collects slag from the table bottom to a collection bucket at the end of the table in minutes. The Slagger® table can handle material up to four inches thick. Larger plate upon request.

The Slagger® table is exclusively designed, developed, and patented for Messer Cutting Systems’ machines. These burn tables are manufactured at a leading metal fabrication company. The Slagger® automates the removal of slag produced from plasma, oxyfuel, and laser cutting. With the Slagger®, there is no need to manually clean the burn table. With only the push of a button, this burn table self-cleans in mere minutes.

  • Able is cleaned once a day in five minutes, depending on table length.
  • Small parts can be retrieved easily.
  • The dust collector keeps the operating environment clean.
  • The table does not have to be disassembled to remove the slag.
  • Table Sizes Available: Widths from 6′ to 24′, (1.8288m to 7.3152m) Lengths from 10′ to 200′, (3.048m to 60.96m).
  • Cutting Tools Accommodated: All dry plasma systems, laser, oxy-fuel up to 20 torches.
  • Material Thickness Capacity: Light gauge to four-inch plate standard, other thicknesses available upon request.

Slagger System Requirements and Benefits

If you choose the Slagger® burn table, your facility’s production will increase while costs decrease because of a reduction in cleaning time and labor requirements. The operation for the Slagger’s cleaning time—for an average size 12-foot-by-50-foot cutting table (3.7-meter-by-15¼-meter cutting table), is 5 minutes. Compare this with one or two shifts with a conventional water cutting table of the same size.

Slagger Operation

The Slagger® blade, propelled with a positive rack-and-pinion drive, makes this easy cleaning operation possible. To clean the table with a simple push of a button, the operator puts the cutting machine into its park position, which sets the safety circuit. The Slagger® drive is then turned on, moving the blade forward with the slag ahead of it.

Utilizing a unique design, the Slagger® blade automatically opens and passes under each of the downdraft zones while opening swinging dividers as it moves along. Once the Slagger® has passed, the swinging divider returns to its vertical position, restoring smoke removal airflow. When the Slagger® blade reaches the end of the table, the slag is pushed outside the table for disposal via a slag bucket or slag scoop.

Slag Bucket

A Slag Bucket fits into a pit located in the floor at the front of the table, where slag is deposited at the end of the cleaning cycle. There is one bucket for each Slagger® blade. When the Slag Bucket is full, integral lifting eyes can be used to remove and empty it. When not in use, the Slag Bucket and pit is covered by a pneumatically operated door.

Slag Scoop

A Slag Scoop rests on the floor and is hooked up to the front of the table. The slag is pushed into the Slag Scoop at the end of the cleaning cycle, and when the scoop is full, integral lifting eyes are used to remove and empty the scoop.

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