our environment is an objective we share with our customers. This is why we
integrate ecological concerns with health and economic ones in our business

engineers and cutting experts think ahead to protect you, your staff and the
environment. The result: Cutting-edge solutions based on up-to-date science and
green technologies.

  • Our cutting tables are
    designed to provide operator-friendly and environment friendly working
    conditions: height, small parts collection, easy support slat exchange, easy
    slag removal and many more.
  • Our efficient fume
    collection systems ensure a qualified emission level and reduce energy
  • Our safety devices such
    as, sensors, torch plate’s operator glare curtains are known for protecting our
    operators from injuries.

gas safety devices or cutting table designs to meet different environmental and
economic needs are just a few examples of how the ideas of our engineers
improve your working environment and save space and energy.

Protecting the ENVIRONMENT

want to protect the environment from exaggerated emission and hazardous water
disposal. By reducing energy consumption, our solutions provide ecological and
economic benefits.

During the cutting process different environmental issues can occur, depending on the chosen technology and the material to be cut.

  • Cutting with oxyfuel you need to consider energy consumption, heat, fume, noise and glare.
  • Cutting with plasma means additional water hazard when cutting underwater.
  • Some materials like aluminum may generate dangerous dust and gas during plasma cutting.

is why the disposition of poisonous fumes, dust, water and materials has to be
well thought out. Our modern material handling systems help you to care for the
environment. Proactive plasma noise protection devices, automatic scrap
processing systems or “green” cutting systems of less energy consumption are
some of our solutions designed to improve environmental outcomes and conserve
natural resources.