Bevel Cutting Practices

Bevel cutting requires an exact knowledge of the laser machine and the cutting processes. Corners, lead-ins, and run-outs have to be cut with special sequence if the required precision quality is to be achieved. Bevel cutting also places high demand on the programing on the cut parts. Special auxiliary functions are needed to set the software up for precision bevel cutting.

For example, with plasma bevel cutting, cuts must be repeated if the preparation consists of multiple bevels. It may be necessary to offset the cutting contour to a parallel one or the unit may have to be offset laterally. Depending upon the cutting process, a special start of cut geometries may be required. Additionally, the optimum technology parameters such as drive speed and cutting energy has to be matched to the bevel to be cut. Sounds complicated, and it is these are exactly the small specialties that characterize a “Messer Machine”.  With laser bevel cutting all this is programmed with OmniWin, OmniBevel, and Omnifab. This software laser bevel cutting is very easy-to-use because of the parameters are programmed within the software.

Messer Cutting Systems bevel-cutting a variety of bevel-cutting units, perfectly suited for your cutting applications.  Whether choose oxyfuel, plasma, and laser beveling options, in both automatic and manual systems. The automatic systems are fully controlled, with no manual adjustments necessary.

Laser Bevel Cutting Machines

Element 400L Unitized

The new Element 400L Unitized cutting machine is the newest machine in Messer’s machine line. This machine was designed to make companies more self-sufficient.  This machine offers the latest in fiber laser bevel cutting.  Complete with an optional fiber laser tool changer and The Slagger® self-cleaning table. This high-speed laser cutter could be your solution for fiber laser bevel cutting for automation throughout the entire production cycle.

Key Features:

  • List 6, 8, or 10 feet of cutting width.
  • 10 to 54 feet of cutting length plus park space for the machine.
  • Precisely machined way and gear rack mounting surfaces.
  • Linear ways coupled with helical gears.
  • Laser and/or plasma beveling.
  • Up to 20kW.
  • Bevel angels ±50º


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LaserMat II®

Do you want to increase your production through a large format laser processing? The LaserMat® II is the specialist for precise CO2 laser cutting in extra large format. The premium CO2 laser can process large format vertical cutsbevel cuts. There is no need for an full enclosure, the on-board class-1 laser beam protection hood guarantees laser safety and offers access for loading and unloading possible even during the cutting operations.

Key Features:

  • Types of bevel I, V, Y.
  • Material thickness for beveling up to 5/8 inch (15 mm).
  • Material thickness for vertical cuts up to 1 inch (25 mm).
  • Continuous bevels from -45° to + 45°
  • Interpolation of the bevel angle (change on the fly from minimum to maximum torch inclination while cutting).
  • Positive and negative bevel angles in one part are possible.
  • Collision protection.