Our exclusive CNC control Global Controls includes expertise gained from thousands of machine installations around the world. An extensive custom shape library, multiple process databases, CAD import, true-shape nesting, productivity monitoring, and remote diagnostics are just some of the key features packaged in the industry’s only IP65 rated enclosure. It is easy to use and learn.

Global Controls featured on Messer machines.

Global Connect 

  • Element 400,  Element 400L Unitized,  Element 400 Unitized,   Fiberblade V,  MetalMaster 3.0

Global Control 2.0

  • MetalMaster 2.0

Global ControlS

  • EdgeMax,  PlateMaster II , MetalMaster Evolution

Global ControlPlus

  • MetalMaster Xcel,  Titan III,  MPC2000,  MPC2000 MC,  TMC4500 DB, LaserMat II, SicoMat

Global Control 2.0

With Global Control 2.0, the user interface is very clearly laid out with easily understood symbols, photos and graphics, all within a Microsoft® tree structure.

Global Control Plus

Easy-to-use, feature rich, Windows® interface. The Global Control Plus has a 24” touch screen with multiple
process databases. A few of the key features include custom shape library, true shape nesting and productivity monitoring. Remote diagnostics and applications support is available with a push of a button.

Global Control S

Easy-to-use, feature rich, Windows® interface. The Global Control S is a compact touch screen process database featuring custom shape library, CAD import, and true-shape nesting. Virtual Service puts Service experts one push button away. Easy to learn functions allow employees to become expert operators in minutes.