OmniFab is the IoT software suite that offers you, as cutting technology, as a tailor-made solution for your order-related production. It integrates Messer mechanical engineering technology into your daily business processes.

OmniFab is a modular software suite that grows with your requirements. The modules can be combined and precisely tailored to your particular cutting process needs.

Automates your processes.

All systems work "hand-in-hand" across the entire value chain of the company.
Order data from the ERP system is available in your CAD/CAM software. Results from production runs seamlessly back into your ERP system with ordered data.

Makes results transparent.

Pre-calculated production times and material usage are checked with real data and automatically adjusted.

Increases the availablity of your machines.

From the machine data, you can generate plannable maintenance intervals and uncover potential for optimization.

The result: a competitive edge through increased production efficiency.

To learn more, please contact our applications department at (262) 255-5520.

Industry 4.0 taking automation to the next level.

Intelligent Cutting

Intelligent Cutting Meets Industry 4.0 Standards. Gain competitive advantages by digitizing and automating your workflow. Raise efficiency and productivity and benefit from enhanced scalability.



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