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OmniWin is effective and economical for small production runs in the machine and manufacturing industry, as well as in just-in-time manufacturing with changing quantities at custom cutting operations. You save time and materials and work with easy operations. OmniWin is the ideal tool for production planning with thermal cutting for oxyfuel, plasma, and laser cutting with CNC machines.

OmniWin is a simple, clear, and fast designing and nesting software, which adapts intelligently to your machine and your cutting needs. It takes over all cutting tasks for order-based production with CNC thermal cutting machines.

Ideal tool for production planning

Thermal cutting workshops have to solve numerous tasks in work preparation before the production on the machine can start. Part geometries must be designed or taken over from customer drawings. Then the parts to be produced must be nested to minimize material usage. The NC nesting plan for the machine must ensure fast, efficient processing with high cutting quality. While doing this, it should utilize the full technological capabilities of the machine, e.g. with the use of True Hole or Contour Cut.

Dramatic simplification of work process

OmniWin combines the highest technical flexibility with fast, efficient processing. At the same time, you will reduce your costs by minimizing material usage. The integrated operation with CAD, import, and nesting for vertical and beveled parts permits a dramatic simplification of your working processes.

Your Advantages

  • Excellent instrument for fast production.
  • Reduce your workload through the effortless export and import of drawings and plans.
  • A broad range of functions can be extended easily with options for special applications.
  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server Technology.
  • Many new features to improve processes and increase productivity.
  • Multi-users by a single seat and network topology with floating model and database.
  • Multi language support.

OmniWIN Features:

Intuitive User Interface


  • 30% time saving through simple operation and clear processes!
  • Modern concept with workspace to keep overview over all the work.
  • Clear database structure for the overview of parts, plans, and more.
  • One shared database.

Versatile Process Support

  • Cutting processes oxyfuel, plasma, and laser.
  • Supports a wide range of marking methods such as  Pinstamp, Inkjet, Laser and Plasma marking.
  • Import of drilling operations.
  • Integrated tool database.
  • Drawing of drilling operations.
  • Through holes, countersinks, tapping, deep hole drilling and milling.
  • Post processors with drilling support.
  • Cutting multiple panels on one machine.
  • Preconfigured machine profiles for standard machines.
  • Preconfigured process databases.
  •  MesserHole ™ for precise parts.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The OmniWin  CAD/CAM system is technologically future-proof and ready for full integration into your Industry 4.0 applications. In interaction with, you use OmniWin for the:

  • Pre-calculation of quotations.
  • Live machine monitoring.
  • Assignment of cutting jobs.
  • Job monitoring.
  • Exchange of data with your ERP system.

Flexible Work Environment

  • One shared database based on Microsoft SQL database technology.
  • Multi users by modern Single seat and Network topology with floating license model and database.
  • Multi language support.


  •  Single/Multi import of AutoCAD files (.DXF, .DWG, .DWF,) DSTV files (.NC, .NC1, .XML), Excel files (.XLS), or IGES files (.IGS, .IGES), Solidworks* files (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM), and PNL files.
  • Individual import of DIN and ESSI drawings.
  • Reading of pictures (JPG, PNG,) scans with recognition of component contours.
  • Automatic layer translation.
  • Automatic error corrections.
  • Adoption of component metadata.
  • Easy import via SolidWorks* or Autodesk Inventor** interface.
  • Transfer technologies of nested components to identical components.


  • Numerous positioning, drawing, grouping, and labeling functions.
  • Parameterizable macros.
  • Automatic dimensioning of components and plates.
  • 3D view of vertical and bevel components.


  • Short computing times.
  • Configurable technology database.
  • Copy, mirror, rotate and move with collision control.
  • Component and contour sequences automatically optimized based on rules or set manually.
  • Automatically optimized component, inner contour and process sequence.
  • Reduction of non-productive times by minimizing rapid traverse.
  • Reduction of the up and down movements of the burner with collision avoidance.
  • Individually adjustable shapes, parameters and positions of lead and cut-out flags.
  • Changing the cutting direction.
  • Enable and disable contours.
  • Automatic rounding of corners.
  • Simulation of the nesting plan.

Bevel Cutting

  • Fully integrated bevel cutting.
  • The integrated time calculation ensures that your bevel nesting plans can be planned.
  • Based on proven OmniBevel post processors and process databases.

Unfolding of 3D Geometries

  • Completely integrated development of three-dimensional bodies in the plane.
  • Large number of geometric bodies typical for apparatus and tank construction.
  • Sorting of the geometries according to criteria in categories and subcategories.

Sequencing Functions

  • Tool sequencing.
  • Optimize part sequence.
  • Change contour sequence.
  • Optimize sequence for heat distribution.
  • Grouping

Remnant Plate Management

  • Marking of remnant plates.
  • Automatic creation of remnant plate.
  • Cropping.
  • Manual splitting of remnant plates.
  • Automatic remnant plate reports.

NC Simulation

  • Simulate tool movement.
  • Check the cutting sense and the sequence of processing of the contours in your nesting plan.
  • Adapt the speed of the simulation progress.


Order Managment

  • Fully integrated order entry and order management.
  • Work order processing with order database.
  • Only available in OmniWin Enhanced and OmniWin Professional.

Drilling Support

  • Import of drilling operations.
  • Integrated tool database.
  • Drawing of drilling operations.
  • Through-hole drilling, countersinking, tapping, deep-hole drilling, and marking.
  • Post-processors with drilling support.

Multi-Torch Support

  • Supports machines with and without automatic carriage positioning.
  • Changing of torch distances in the same plan. Dynamic connection and disconnection of torches.
  • Automatic nesting for multiple torch heads.

Report Function

  • Individual user-based preview of NC programs and export of NC part programs, CSV, XML, DXF and DWG files for nesting plans.
  • Machine profile based settings of production data storage locations.
  • Preconfigured reports for parts and nesting plans.
  • Automatically configured printing of nesting plan reports.
  • Integrated report editor to customize the existing reports or to create your own reports.


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