Our shuttle burn table packages; will enhance productivity at your business by enabling fast and easy production as well as the flexibility that is simply not possible using other plate cutting systems. Combined with Intelligent Cutting™ software solutions for Material Handling and Industry 4.0 digitization advancements, your facility will greatly benefit from harnessing the power of the whole value chain.

Shuttle Burn Table Systems

Shuttle burn tables can be used with these gantry style burn machines: Titan IIIMPC2000MPC2000 MCTMC4500 DB, and the MetalMaster Xcel unitized cutting machine.

  • Plate capacity: 6, 8, and 10-foot widths.
  • Plate Lengths: 10 to 25 feet, offered in 5-foot increments.
  • Two plate thickness capacities: ¾ inch up to 2 inches.

Shuttle Table Benefits

Let’s explore all the benefits of shuttle tables.


  • Two burn pallets load one plate or remove parts while another is cutting without interruption.
  • Save time by using the shortest path for material loading and unloading.
  • Plate loading and unloading take place at one end of the machine and at a common height for the operator to work freely without interfering with cutting operation or machine movement.
  • The unitized zoned and ducted Slagger® works as an exhaust duct and aids in smoke removal. The burn table automates the removal of slag as well as small parts that may fall into the table by using a pusher blade mechanism that moves the blade to the front of the table to deposit slag into a slag bucket. There is no need to clean under the table or remove slats as the pusher blade does all the work, typically in minutes.


  • Plate loading and unloading on these burn tables can be accessed from three directions without rail or cutting machine interference.
  • The shuttle table’s compact work envelope allows the use of a stationary or a flexible workstation to be used for plate loading, saving overhead crane time.
  • The cutting area of the machine portion of the shuttle can be placed in a non-crane area such as a bay line, protecting the machine from the plate loading operation. 


  • Some cutting machines may expose personnel who remove cut parts to areas where the gantry is in operation.
  • With a shuttle burn table, the cutting gantry never enters the area where plate loading and unloading operations occur.
  • Shuttle systems have a specific cutting and load/unload area for the operator to work freely without interfering with the cutting operation or benign hit by the machine.



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