Messer Cutting Systems has developed a three step assessment program to evaluate your plate processing operation.

Step 1. Contact Us so we can get the process started to identify machine configuration and accessibility. The machine must have a current Virtual Service™ contract.

Step 2. Remote Process Assessment (RPA) Our Applications Engineers will remotely connect to your machine and evaluate Database Parameters, Optimization Settings, HMI Software Revision, Error Log and programs for proper techniques.

As an example: the RPA has been helpful to identify errors like torch collisions were caused by improper programming techniques.

The RPA is available for the low cost of $100.00 per machine for an online remote process assessment.

Step 3. Onsite Process Assessment (OPA) After the RPA has been performed, we may determine that an onsite assessment is necessary. We can schedule an Applications Engineer to visit your facility to examine your machine’s performance on items such as: Hole Cutting Techniques, Cut Quality, Consumable Life, Torch On Time, Material Handling and Bevel Cutting if applicable.

As a bonus the $100 RPA fee is applies toward the OPA if a site visit is scheduled within six months.

The OPA is typically one day and the cost is based on the facility’s location. A multiple location package deal can be arranged to minimize cost.