Manufacture Durable, Reliable COMPONENTS and cut parts for freight and passenger Trains

Let Messer Cutting Systems Be Your Partner Of Choice.

Messer’s automated cutting technology allows rail manufacturers to produce sturdy, reliable cut parts for all types of rolling stock, including both passenger and freight.

Our systems can precisely cut thick plate parts to manufacture hopper cart parts with consistency and accuracy to fabricate freight railcar underframes. To produce large volumes of parts that are cut with precision and reliability, all leading rail manufacturers choose Messer Cutting Systems to manufacture bodies, couplers, bogies, and more.

Messer Machines for Manufacturing Trains and Other Railroad Equipment

Messer provides advanced cutting systems to efficiently cut steel and aluminum plates for the manufacturing of high-quality rail components.

You need reliable machines that can produce high-quality parts with exceptional consistency. Messer machines will improve the efficiency, precision, and quality of your rail manufacturing processes.

For manufacturing critical components of train cars, we recommend the following machines:

Titan III

The Titan III gantry cutting machine is a great fit for train manufacturers. This is a mid size machine with table widths up to 16’ and tables as long as 150’. This machine offers both plasma and oxyfuel bevel cutting, and it can be equipped with drilling up to ½” diameter holes and various marking styles.

Produce smooth cut edges and precise holes with the Titan III, featuring  wider end trucks with maximum guide roller spread to stabilize the X-Axis motion for precise edge performance.


Element 400 L Unitized Cutting Machine

The newest machine on our line offers fiber laser beveling up to 50 degrees. This machine offers a total systems solution, perfect for the manufacture of lightweight trains with aluminum frames within the railroad industry. 

This machine is made for increased productivity and production including a paper free work environment. Take your shop to the next level by adding this material handling solution. The Element 400 L Unitized offers cutting widths up to 10’ and length up to 40’, in both laser and plasma, and a full range of marking tools.

MetalMaster Xcel

This machine is built for straight fiber laser cutting and plasma beveling cutting, offering the best of both processes. This is a unitized cutting machine with table widths up to 10’ and table lengths up to 55’ in 5’ increments.

This machine features state of the art, industry-leading traversing speeds of up to 3000 IPM. The MetalMaster Xcel also comes with the Slagger® automatic cleanout table. Made for material handling, this machine offers shuttle pallets for quick and easy plate loading and unloading. Enclosure is needed for laser cutting.


MPC2000 MC

The MPC2000 MC heavy-duty cutting machine is perfect for cutting the thick plates used for heavy-duty rail and train parts. Built for 24/7 operation for maximum production, this multiprocess cutting with enhanced machining process options offers drilling up to 2.5” diameter holes with a high suction chip vacuum collection.  The MPC2000 MC also offers tapping, milling, and marking. Choose from plasma and oxyfuel cutting processes. Table widths go up to 28’ and table lengths up to 200’. Optional 4″ drilling without chip collection.  

Freight Railcar Manufacturing

Freight rail transportation is growing worldwide, driving demand for durable, specialized railcars. In the U.S. alone, freight railroads handle around 40% of long-distance freight volume and are the most fuel-efficient method of transporting freight over land. 

Industry Dependence on Freight Rail

Freight rail transportation has become crucial to the global supply chain, across industries including agriculture, automotive, crude oil, coal, and more. Manufacturers are under pressure to produce specialized freight cars rapidly and efficiently.

Freight manufacturers trust Messer for time-saving solutions for efficient large-scale production. Our machines withstand around the clock 24/7 production cutting cycles to produce components to meet freight railcar demand. Our robust machines can withstand heavy use by cutting thick steel plates for structural underframes and bodies, as well as:

  • High-strength structural underframes.
  • Wheelsets, axles, and bearings.
  • Drawbars and couplings.
  • Hopper car bodies and discharge components.
  • Tank car shells, heads, valves, and safety features.

Messer gantry bevel cutting machines are perfect for tank head manufacturing to make and design railroad tankers. Bevel cut holes within the tank heads domes offer shapes that can be seamed and welded flawlessly to round pipe. Click here to watch the dome cutting video.

Passenger Train Manufacturing

Public transit is expanding worldwide, with massive investment going into high-speed rail, metro systems, light rail networks, and commuter lines. To capture this opportunity, passenger train manufacturers must automate for efficient high-volume production.

Messer empowers manufacturers to build safe, comfortable passenger trains such as high-speed rail, metro, light rail, locomotives, and coaches. Our cutting solutions produce smooth, lightweight body cut parts to build durable underframes and interiors such as:

  • Aluminum bodies and cabins.
  • Bogies, wheelsets, and axles.
  • Seating, flooring, and interior panels.
  • Doors, windows, and fixtures.
  • HVAC and electrical systems.

Messer’s plasma cutters for aluminum plates are low-cost alternatives compared to laser cutting. It is an efficient way to utilize a plasma cutter in creating aluminum cuts with high tolerances needed for high precision and accuracy – perfect for aluminum train bodies and exteriors.

Adding a material handling production to your fabrication facility will facilitate high-volume production and automation to meet surging urban transit demand. Passenger train manufacturers prefer Messer as their cutting provider of choice.

The Rise of Rail Manufacturing and the Need for Automation

The rail industry is experiencing rapid growth in demand for both freight and passenger transportation. To keep up, manufacturers must adopt automated, high-efficiency production. 

Messer’s cutting-edge material handling solutions help train manufacturers embrace automation to increase output, consistency, and quality.

Our material handling systems mitigate the rising need for skilled workers with automated cutting solutions by providing the following benefits:

  • Long-term cost savings.
  • Shop floor efficiency.
  • Time management.
  • Pre-production, quoting, and production planning.
  • Flow and process.
  • Inventory management.
  • Learning the latest advancements.
  • Scrap and environmental management.
  • Labor management or reduction.
  • Service and maintenance.
  • Analytic data for forecasting and increasing output.
A storage and retrieval material handling solution from Messer Cutting Systems.

Maximize Efficiency and Output with Cutting-Edge Messer Software and Automation

Messer provides advanced software solutions to optimize and automate your manufacturing processes. Intuitive OmniWin and OmniFab software integrate with our machines to increase cutting productivity when fabricating railcar components, especially in large quantities.

Our expertise and Industry 4.0 technology will help you increase your manufacturing productivity and flexibility so that you can remain competitive in the industry. Optimize your processes with state-of-the-art cutting solutions and automation from Messer Cutting Systems.

OmniWin software will simplify your workflow production with a nesting tool to minimize scrap, saving you time and money.

Meet the Rising Demand for Quality Train Parts and Innovative  with Messer Cutting Systems

With Messer cutting solutions, rail manufacturers can scale up passenger or freight railcar production with maximum efficiency and consistency, meeting the rising global demand for increased rail transportation.

Whether you’re producing robust freight cars, smooth high-speed trains, or durable metro cars, Messer machines and software provide the programmable flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency you need to keep pace with surging demand while optimizing your operations.

Contact our specialists today to learn how Messer cutting solutions can benefit your specific manufacturing needs.