Messer Cutting Systems CSL Lifter is a adaptive initial height system for plasma and fiber laser torches. Productivity enhancing features produce more parts in a shorter period of time. As the system “learns” the height of the plate on the cutting table it quickly positions the torch to the correct pierce height. Several process optimizing parameters keep the torch close to the plate between pierces.

  • 1180 IPM (29,972 mm/min) at .5g slide speed increases productivity (Laser).
  • Torch height distanced monitored every millisecond for consistent height control.
  • Auto Kerf crossing detection locks out height.
  • Digital 400 Watt brushless AC servo.
  • Motor mounted encoder for accurate feedback.
  • Twin steel guide ways with precision ball screw.
  • Multiple and variable retract positions.
  • Accommodates the SureStop Collision Sensor.
  • No collisions saves money and downtime.
  • No expensive after collision repair.
  • Torch is simple to remove and easy to re-align.
  • Available on the MetalMaster Xcel, MetalMaster 2.0, and MetalMaster Evolution.


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CSL Torch Lifter