News Feed 2013

Georgetown, USA. - The centerpiece of Xtreme Steel & Profile operation is a Messer precision plasma cutting system. Multiple oxy-fuel torches are available for thicker plate. Steel sheet and plate seems like a commodity business to many fabricators, but in Georgetown, Ontario, north-west of Toronto, Xtreme Steel & Profiles attacks the multiple […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA presents its new flame cutting machine with a double-bridge design: the TMC4500 DB. Sturdy wheel cases measuring some three meters in length ensure sufficient stability, enabling even the heaviest units to be handled with precision. The advantage of this design is that tools are fitted on both sides. The […]

Menomonee Falls, Wi, U.S.A. - Messer Cutting Systems has announced their "New Product Launch - A Cut Above the Rest" the Delta e plasma rotator. The launch of the Delta e is scheduled for the 2013, Fabtech Show in Chicago, IL, North America's largest, metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. With over 35,000 attendees and 1500 exhibitors […]

Chicago, USA. - DSI Underground Systems Inc., Abingdon, Va., was most impressed with Messer’s response time and ultimately, the machine’s proven performance cutting its parts. Gazing at the architectural grandeur of the New York City skyline, it is easy to overlook the foundation that keeps this metropolis in motion. The underside of this bustling city […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Under the motto "Lose weight and do good" the staff of Messer Cutting Systems, US, once again joined in the battle against cancer. After five months, and having weighed the participants four times, the final results were known: 494 pounds had been shed, raising 500 dollars for the US health organisation American Cancer Society. […]

Fort Worth, USA. - Willbanks Metals expands its plasma cutting business. Family-owned and operated Willbanks Metals Inc., Texas, opened its doors in 1974 with a shear and a press brake, providing fabricating services to customers. In 1978, the company bought its first decoil line and expanded into the steel distribution business. Because of its past […]

April 4, 2022

Maximum precision

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA has added the “API Radian Tracker” to its range of alignment tools. This is a laser measuring device that maps 3-D coordinates and delivers real-time information on the precision, parallelism and perpendicularity of the cutting machine. Comparison with the desired value allows precise calibration of […]