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Photo Left: Holtech Manufacturing's primary cutting table is equipped with dual plasma cutting heads, one which also has oxyfuel torch. New plasma cutting tables speed fabrication of heavy steel into mission-critical capial equipment. February 2014 - Located just east of Pittsburgh in Turtle Creek, Pa., Holtec Manufacturing Division operates one of the […]

Photo Left: Jean-Marc Valade (left), president, and Pierre Levesque, IT manager, of Carriere Industrial Supply, Lively Ont., stand by the recently commissioned 118-ft.long Messer combination table with 12-ft.-wide cutting bed. Grab a torch. Cut the new bucket into cage-sized sections. Transport them underground, piece by piece. Weld them back together. Take […]

ATTACHED PHOTO CAPTION: (left) Bill Heller, new president and CEO of Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. and retiring president and CEO (right) Gary Norville. Titan iii cutting machine featured in background. Menomonee Falls, WI, USA. - Effective September 1, 2014, Bill Heller will be the new President and CEO of Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. Gary Norville started […]

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. - September 2014, Bill Heller will be appointed President and CEO of Messer Cutting System, Inc. He will be replacing Gary Norville acting President and CEO who will be retiring in August, 2014. Gary Norville has spent 32 years at Messer Cutting Systems, starting as a sales representative for the Midwest region. Norville has worn […]

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems Ranks 2# for Top Ten Service Centers Equipment Brands from Metal Center News. Service center executives reveal their favorite makes of metal processing equipment in this informal brand survey by Metal Center News. The top three vote-getters in the category "Cutting" were  Hypertherm, Messer Cutting […]

Palmetto, USA. - See a Messer Cutting Systems Machine in action. [su_youtube url=""] The video also shows comments from Gov. Rick Scott, Florida Secretary of Commerce Gray Swoope and John McGlade of Air Products at the opening of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. in Palmetto, FL. Video courtesy of Enterprise […]

Memphis, Tenn. - By embracing non-traditional services, West Memphis Steel is garnering attention from a whole new class of customers. West Memphis Steel began nearly 40 years ago as a typical distributor handling mostly secondary material, but has since evolved into a multi-process service center with first-stage manufacturing capabilities. Its latest […]