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A strong service department is the key to customer retention. While a good sales team will sell the first widget, repeat sales are almost always a result of the level of service provided by an organization. At Messer Cutting System, this is not only the opinion, but a core value driven home to each employee. Customer expectations are continuously growing as […]

Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. (Menomonee Falls, WI) - With the advent of increasing laser power sources, the future is very “bright” for the metal fabrication world. The direct correlation between increased power and the laser cutting process in thick mild steel plate is the end user is going to be able to change from using oxygen assist gas to gases […]

January 4, 2023


Ohlsdorf, Austria MultiTherm® replaces existing machines. When metalworking companies work much more productively with a few new machines than with several old ones, it is always something special. Jacquet Metallservice GmbH in Ohlsdorf, for example, is delighted about a new level of productivity with the MultiTherm® from Messer Cutting Systems. Getting […]