Messer Cutting Systems Pipe and Tube Cutting System for all Messer machines.  Offline software provided by Lantek specialist in 3D pipe and tube profiling, is used to easily create CNC programs for the Messer Global Control for both vertical and bevel cutting, available in multiple machine sizes. Steel pipe and tube cutting machines are built in the USA. See the video at the bottom of this page for a demonstration.

Plasma bevel cutting available on:
Titan III, MetalMaster Xcel. MPC2000, MPC2000, and TMC4500 DB machine models.
Vertical cutting available on:
All Messer machines except for the SicoMat and the MetalMaster 3.0


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Pipe and Tube

Standard and heavy-duty machines offered:

Free-standing servo controlled tube roller with 10′ long support frame and or pipe cutting station to be placed alongside Messer’s cutting table

  • MCM: 10′ long support frame.
  • MCH: 10′ long frame with anchor bolt holes and leveling screws.
  • MCM Includes: Two synchronized hand-operated tube support carts.
  • MCH Includes: Two tube support carts. Rough height adjustment for the specific tube or pipe diameter is done with the insertion of spacer blocks. Final adjustment is done with fine-adjustment jack screws against the spacer blocks.

Round Pipe size range:

  • MCM: 2″ to 10″, .25″- 1″ wall thickness.
  • MCH: 6” to 24”, .25” – 1.25” wall thickness.

Square Tube size range:

  • MCM: 2″ to 7″, .25″-1″ wall thickness.
  • MCH: 6” to 16”, .25 – 1.25” wall thickness.

Maximum Rectangular Tube Size:

  • MCM: 9″ wide 2″ High – 1″ wall thickness.
  • MCH: 24” wide 6” High – 1.25” wall thickness.

Spindle Gearhead: 35 rpm output, single-stage double enveloping worm drive with Servo drive motor.

  • MCM: Manual 3-jaw scroll type. Round Tube and Pipe.
  • MCM: Manual 4-jaw scroll type. Round Tube and Pipe and Square Tube.
  • MCM & MCH: Manual, independent 4-jaw chuck (each jaw adjusts independently), Rectangular Tube, Square Tube, Round Tube and Pipe.

MCM & MCH both include:

  • HGG ProCAM Round Pipe Cutting Software.
  • Installation. 
  • Two days on-site training.
  • Additional machine travel to provide adequate process coverage for this option.
  • Flex Zone is not included in pricing.

MCM-215, MCM-220, MCH-220, MCH-230,  and MCH-240 Machine Models

  • Free-standing servo tube roller with 15′, 20′, 30, 40′ long support frame to be placed alongside the Messer cutting table.
  • MCM-215, MCM-220: 15′, 20′ long support frame.
  • MCH: 20′ 30′ 40′ long frame with anchor bolt holes and leveling screws.