Messer Cutting Systems offers a variety of oxyfuel bevel cutting machines. These units are perfectly suited to meet your needs for cutting plate bevels.

We also offer plasma beveling in automatic and manual systems. The automatic systems are fully controlled, with no manual adjustments necessary, and cuts are accurate and repeatable.

What Is Oxyfuel Bevel Cutting and Why Would You Need It?

Oxyfuel bevel cutting is the most economical and accurate method of cutting thick plates and the only way to cut bevels on plates greater than 3 inches thick.

Oxyfuel bevel cutting technology is a powerful technology but not a new technology. Messer Cutting Systems has perfected oxyfuel cutting over the years. Recent technological advancements enable parts to be produced that were impossible to produce before. From applying K bevels in a single pass to beveling slots in 8-inch (200-millimeter) material, Messer is certain to have a bevel option that meets your business’s needs.

Many businesses choose to invest in an oxyfuel bevel cutting machine because it offers an affordable cutting process. When compared with plasma beveling machines, oxyfuel bevel cutting machines and their operational costs are less expensive.

About 90 percent of all the oxyfuel bevel cutting tools are made by Messer Cutting Systems. These oxyfuel bevel cutting tools can be mounted to our gantry machines, the Titan III, MPC2000, MPC2000 MC, TMC4500 DB and SicoMat®.

Oxyfuel Bevel Cutting Applications

From heavy-duty construction and civil engineering to heavy-equipment manufacturing and shipbuilding, many industries utilize oxyfuel bevel cutting. Businesses in these and other industries apply bevels during the cutting process, and this is a key step to streamlining manufacturing. This step is especially beneficial when thicker material is involved.

Oxyfuel bevel cutting allows for more throughput of plate while limiting extra steps down the line. While oxy-fuel is not new, advancements in technology allow parts to be produced that were impossible before. From applying K bevels in a single pass to beveling slots in 8” (200mm) material, Messer has a bevel option to meet your needs.

Oxyfuel Bevel Cutting Machine Key Features

  • Types of bevel I, K, V, X, Y.
  • Material thickness for beveling up to 8 inches (200 millimeters).
  • Material thickness for vertical cuts up to 12 inches (300 millimeters).
  • The maximum angle is 60 degrees.
  • Infinite rotation of the unit on its own axis.
  • Interpolation of the bevel angle. Change on the fly from minimum to maximum torch inclination while cutting.
  • Positive and negative bevel angles on one part are possible.
  • Automatically controlled torch height.
  • AC drives.
  • Common gases used are acetylene, propane, and natural gas.

Oxyfuel Cutting Gas Types

Common fuel gas types used with our oxyfuel bevel cutting machines include acetylene, propane and natural gas.

  • Acetylene: Hottest gas but can be unstable and expensive.
  • Propane: Cheaper and clean-burning but not as hot as other gases.
  • Natural gas: Cheaper and widely available but offers low delivery pressure.

Messer Cutting Systems’ Training Services for the Oxyfuel Bevel Cutting Machine

Operating Messer Cutting Systems’ oxyfuel bevel cutter is simple and precise but requires proper training to ensure your team is comfortable and skilled in operating this machine. We can provide your team not only with a well-designed oxyfuel bevel cutting machine but the proper training to simplify oxyfuel bevel cutting’s processes. Our first-rate equipment and training combine to characterize a “Messer Machine.”

Oxyfuel bevel cutting requires an exact knowledge of the machine and the cutting processes. Our training involves the operator learning the user-friendly interface of the oxyfuel bevel cutter’s Global Control, enabling him or her to monitor every step of the bevel cutting process to produce the highest-quality parts. Your team can be trained in bevel cutting corners, lead-ins and run-outs, all of which must be carefully cut with special outlines to assure high-quality cuts. 

With our training, your team will clearly understand that beveling also places high demands on programming. Special auxiliary functions are needed to set up the units for bevel cutting.

When oxyfuel bevel cutting, cuts must be repeated if the preparation consists of multiple bevels. It may be necessary to offset the cutting contour to a parallel one or the unit may have to be offset laterally. Depending on the cutting process, a special start of cut geometries may be required. Additionally, the optimum parameters—including drive speed and cutting energy—must be matched to the bevel to be cut.

You can be sure that, with Messer Cutting Systems’ training in place at your facility. Your team will become proficient in producing expert cuts with our oxyfuel bevel cutter. If you need additional training, for example if you need to on-board a new employee our Applications Department can visit your facility and train your staff. Please contact the Applications Department at 262-532-4689 or email if you need further training. Please see the link below.

Oxyfuel Beveling Tools

D/AFL Oxyfuel Triple Torch Unit

Messer Cutting Systems’ DAF/LTriple Torch Unit is automatic and infinitely rotating, designed for V, Y, X and K cuts. The DAF/L bevel cuts up to 3¼ inches (80 millimeters) in plate thickness, and straight cuts up to 4¾ inches (120 millimeters) in plate thickness.

Bevel Adaptor and Splitter for the Turbo Flame™ Torch

Messer Cutting Systems’ bevel adaptor and splitter for the Turbo Flame™ Torch is a heavy-duty tool used to cut primarily very thick plates. This is a specialized accessory your business can leverage to cut make manual straight-line bevel cuts up to 90 degrees.

This bevel adaptor can produce cuts with a maximum material thickness of 10 inches.

Single Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit

Our Single Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit is a manually adjusted machine that can produce straight-line bevels with manual ignition and gas adjustment.

Bevels can be cut along the X axis only. When cutting a V, Y, X and K cross-section in one pass, the manually adjusted Three Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit is designed to make a bevel cut in the longitudinal (X) axis.

Three Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit

Messer Cutting Systems’ manually adjusted Three-Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit is designed to make straight-line bevels with manual gas adjustment and manual ignition. Height sensing is executed by an electromechanical device that rides on the plate.

The Three Position Oxyfuel Bevel Unit provides weld preparation edges and plate squaring in a single pass. Cutting a V, Y, X, and K cross-section in one pass, the manual adjustments are designed to make straight-line bevel cuts.

Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Unit

Messer Cutting Systems’ Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Unit provides continuous bevel cuts in mild steel with automatic contour control, manual ignition, and bevel angle adjustment. This machine cuts top and bottom bevels in a single pass.

Depending on the model year and machine type, it may be possible to retrofit your Messer Cutting Systems machine with a bevel cutter. See the link below to contact the retrofit department.

Other Important Information.

Operator safety is very important with bevel cutting, which is less bright and quieter as opposed to plasma cutting.

Also, you can request samples of your parts to be cut to help you determine the best attachment for your needs.


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